Crosby Beach Abstract Print

Crosby Beach Abstract Photographs

Today I wanted to try something new. Exercise my creative desires. When I’ve been looking back on these images over the last few weeks I’ve started questioning how long this can go on for. How many more times can you visit the same location and make the same images. All be it the weather and tide are the variables but really how many more times can you make the same images. 

I‘ve now developed a really clear idea of what I like about this beach, which compositions appeal to me the most and over the coming weeks I hope to develop these to a point where I feel I’ve completed the process. That I’ve exercised my vision, refined it and when all the elements come together I’ve made what I consider to be my best photographs of Crosby Beach. I best be getting on with it as I’ll be moving soon so I won’t always have the luxury of a short walk to try my luck. 

Another consideration I’ve had is the uniqueness of my images. This has bothered me for a very very long time. While I appreciate two photographers will always approach a scene differently the concept of an image can be reproduced and with the sheer number of people taking photographs these days and looking for inspiration online from other photographers there is a lot of noise so to speak around who is the originator, who first saw it, who’s got the best image. While I don’t overly bother myself with that I do get a lot of satisfaction from being innovative and original, creating something unique. Traditional Landscape Photography where you are trying to faithfully capture a scene or a place relies heavily in my opinion on the weather. I believe a good photographer can make a great image in any weather but the addition of inspiring light and weather really give us a leg up. So much so that many photographers nowadays I would call weather photographers as opposed to Landscape Photographers. 

So what can I do to make my images unique, especially images of a place that thousands of people walk past each day snapping away and there are always groups of other photographers set up with their tripods. Well ICM is one such way, I first experimented with this a year or so ago at Ainsdale Beach and again last summer here at Crosby Beach. I didn’t set out today to do this, it just came to me after I took a couple of shots and felt a little underwhelmed and uninspired. Below are a series of images I made with International Camera Movements (ICM) and while I have taken a lot of shots there are some Im absolutely delighted with. They are unique and I really like that. My youngest son Lewis saw one and said it was Art. Funny how he has never called any of my other photographs Art before.


Sunset at Crosby Beach
Crosby Beach ICM Photography

All of the Landscape Photographs of Crosby Beach shown here in my blog are available as gallery quality framed prints. Please contact me for details. You can also see my current range of Landscape Photography Prints from Crosby beach here in my gallery.

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