Glencoe Landscape Photography visit New Year 2020

Every winter, especially around Christmas and New Year I pine for a trip to Scotland. Last year I saw in the New Year on the Isle of Skye whilst this year I made it to Glencoe for a few nights. Glencoe is a place I have passed through on my way up or down through Scotland and whilst I’ve made many images from here over the years they have been quick shots, made while the kids wait in the car as I’m heading elsewhere. On this occasion I wanted to give Glencoe more time and spend as much time as I could exploring this wonderful part of Scotland.

While Winter can be a great time of year for us Landscape Photographers it also comes with risks and those risks are the weather. There is no better way to describe the weather I experienced on Glencoe over the 4 days I were there as challenging. Challenging because of gale force winds and sideways rain. In the whole time I was there I saw the sun once for a few moment that I managed to capture on a vlog. It was really a testing time, however I do always say that us photographers have to adapt to the conditions and work with what we are presented with.

Having had a long break from taking images I quickly became aware that I was out of practise and my technique was somewhat lacking behind the camera. I quickly got back into the swing of things and with such inspiring Landscapes who wouldn’t, despite the driving rain and high winds I had a great time. It was liberating to be out and to have a little more time than usual to explore this wonderful place. Certainly a location to keep coming back too.


The River Coe on Glencoe


Glencoe in winter


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