It has been about a year since I last visited Wastwater, too long. I love it here. Wastwater is an amazing location. This place is vast and the views are incredible across the deepest waters in the Lake District. The famous Screes catching the evening light or the iconic view over the head of Wastwater make this place a popular location. Wastwater Landscape Photography is as traditional as landscape photography gets. A beautiful body of water, foreground interest made up of rocks in the water and the beautiful fells in the distance.

I do love traditional Landscape Photography. Big views. Beautiful places. For me you can’t beat an iconic view and capturing something inspiring. Here’s how I got on this beautiful September evening, this time I have my drone too so a new perspective for me this time around.

 Date Night at Wastwater. Someone has got the right idea.

 The famous Screes

Beautiful Wastwater.

Heading down to the waters edge.

The golden light illuminating the famous Wastwater Screes.

Nice evening for a paddle on Wastwater.

Looking the other way

 Reflections of the Screes

 One final burst of pink light on the Screes over Wastwater

 Heading Home. Another amazing visit to Wastwater. I must not leave it so long next time and i need to spend more time in other locations around the water in future. This is such a great location though and a classic Lake District Landscape Photography location.

Here’s a short video I captured form my visit to Wastwater including some aerial shots.

You can see my current collection of Wastwater Landscapes available as framed prints, canvas prints and aluminium prints here.

Published on: 10-09-2016