Lingmoor Fell above Langdale Shoot

Autumn is upon us in the Lake District and now is the time to be making Landscape Photography Prints of iconic Lake District Locations. The view from Lingmoor over Side Pike, the Langdale Pikes and the Langdale Valley is probably one of the best views in the Lake District in my opinion so it is here I start my Autumn Landscape Photography adventures here in the Lake District, if you discount last weeks visit to Wastwater that is.

Ideally I’d have made it up here a month earlier as the Heather that covers Lingmoor is a beautiful vibrant purple, there were patches left but largely it has gone by mid September this year. However, the view remains the same and as the colours on the fells start to turn brown and the light is a little more golden at the end of the day I wanted to see this location I’ve visited a few times previously, but not at the end of the day when hopefully the fells will come alive with golden browns and illuminate this amazing scene.

Here’s how I got on and make sure you check out the video at the bottom of this post for a snapshot of the walk and some aerial footage too.

Below Side Pike at the start of the ascent, Rowan Trees lead the way. Three to pass as my first goal.

Number 2 and 3 Rowan Trees reached. 162 BMP my heart rate got too on this climb, much more and I could have easily passed out.

Taking a moment to rest and take in the view over Blea Tarn towards Weatherlam.

Thomas and Lewis charging ahead up towards Lingmoor, Side Pike behind us now.

Over the dry stone wall to the Langdale Pikes. The lights getting good now. Hoping it stays a little longer.

A beautiful view of the Langdale Pikes over the wall…

…including Side Pike on the left hand side really makes this composition for me.

At the Stile and can’t resist another shot of this scene…

…or two…

Using my fixed 35mm lens means switching to portrait orientation for more foreground.

Climbing up Lingmoor now and the views just get better and better as well as the light.


Up on the Heather covered ridge of Lingmoor.

Looking over the Langdale Valley to the high fells beyond.

Where the fence meets the wall. Looking straight on to the Langdale Pikes.

Just a bit more height and I’ll have the composition I want.

The view starts to open up now with a little more height.

Fence and Wall

This is far enough tonight. The light is disappearing behind cloud over Crinkle Crags so I set up and make the best of the light.

A flat scene at the moment. Here’s hoping for one last blast of light.

Here it comes one last sight of the sun.

There we go, just what’s needed. Not the light I expected on the Langdale Pikes and Side Pike but happy just to be up here.

and it’s gone. A few moments of light. Good job I stopped and setup or the extra time it would have taken me to climb higher would have missed this, the light didn’t reach the area I wanted anyway so probably the best of what was around for tonight. That’s how I justify it to myself anyway.

Experimenting with High Dynamic Range. Not so sure…

The last of the light above Crinkle Crags.

The odd patch of light illuminates an outcrop above Lingmoor Tarn. Time to head back.

Side Pike at the end of the wall.

A wider perspective showing the surrounding area, Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and the Langdale Pikes above Side Pike and the Langdale Valley.

Losing the light now.

That’s it from Lingmoor tonight. I needed this walk and what a beautiful setting. I’ll come back earlier next year to capture the Heather in flower.

Here’s a short video I have put together from my walk up Lingmoor Fell

You can see my current collection of Lake District Prints featuring Lingmoor Fell, Side Pike and the Langdale Pikes here in my gallery.

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