Sunset ar Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach Landscapes 3rd February 2021

I’ve had a bit of a rest from photographing the Beach over the last few days. It’s been a rest I’ve valued and will perhaps continue with. I’m being a bit more selective with what I’m shooting also lately. Quite often going out with my camera but deciding against taking it out of my bag. I’m perhaps feeling a bit burnt out from the beach, there are lots of other things going on at the moment too which are draining my energy both mentally and physically and as such the photo time suffers.

I’ve found this project overwhelming, not the taking of the images, that’s easy, the sitting down and processing them, more specifically thinking about them. I think a period of rest would do me some good, as would feeling warm and having some variety in my life. Lockdown hey.

All of the Landscape Photographs of Crosby Beach shown here in my blog are available as gallery quality framed prints. Please contact me for details. You can also see my current range of Landscape Photography Prints from Crosby beach here in my gallery.

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Sunset Silhouette.

Silhouette of a lone walker near Crosby Beach on the Sefton Coast.     Here you can see more of my Photographs from the Sefton Coast and Crosby Beach.

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