Isle of Skye Trip Report – New Year 2019 – Day 3

This trip to Skye is turning out to be a real Tourist trip. A photographic Tourist trip anyway. Given it’s been about 18 months since my last visit to Skye back in April 2017. I was keen to revisit some old favourite locations. It’s akin to being a child in a sweet shop visiting Skye with the aim of capturing Landscape Photographs, there’s a lot of choice. My favourite location however has to be Elgol. In fact the best trip I’ve had to Skye in all the years I’ve been coming here was when I stayed in Elgol on the cliff above the beach back in 2015. Elgol has it all for me as a Landscape Photographer and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some great weather here which really elevates most Landscape Photographs and indeed the experience of capturing them.

My initial plan was to visit Elgol on the way home tomorrow, however and rightly so that would cause two issues. 1. It would add a lot of time to the return journey and 2. I wouldn’t be there at the right time of day so a leisurely trip today with no time pressures was best. The conditions weren’t the best but when are they, us Landscape Photographers seem to moan a lot and find something to be negative about, just watch most of the Landscape Photography vlogs on YouTube. This isn’t right, that isn’t right…. Boring. The fact is, it’s hardly ever perfect and us Landscape Photographers have or at least should have some form of pre-visialisation ability. Perhaps people are dreaming of ideal conditions and anything less than perfect is a failure. Perhaps they see what a fellow photographer has “got lucky” with and expect to get the same when they visit. I believe it’s better for us as people to just adapt to the conditions and see what unfolds. One thing I’ve learnt in my personal life is we can’t always control every aspect of life. We just have to give ourselves the best chance of success. Which is relative to what’s defined as success but for me success is being able to visit places I connect with and see something that inspires me to get my camera out. On that note here is what I saw today on Elgol beach…












All of the vertically inspired images are available as Archival quality prints. Please contact me for details….


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