Lingmoor Fell Summer Evening Landscape Photography Shoot

Tonight I finally made it up on to Lingmoor Fell again for a summer Evening of Landscape Photography here in the Lake District. Ling is an old word for Heather apparently. Hence the name of the Fell, there is a lot of Heather up on Lingmoor. While I don’t confess to being a chaser of Heather I have wanted to capture a shot of the Heather on Lingmoor for a very long time. In fact, it was my first ever visit with my son Thomas back in 2010 when I first came across this place. Check that walk out here.

I made a vlog about my shoot tonight which I have embedded below. I won’t say too much here other than to share my pick of the images below and encourage you to watch the making of these images in the video. If you’re not a subscriber to my YouTube channel then head over to Youtube and subscribe to my channel as that is my platform of choice for sharing my work at the moment.






You can see more of my Landscapes from Lingmoor Fell here in my gallery.

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