Wastwater Screes sunset panorama

Eskdale and Wastewater Autumn Visit

All year I’ve been wanting to visit Wastwater for a relaxed day of Landscape Photography. That day was unfortunately not today. Today I was a bit rushed, a bit flustered and it spoilt my shoot. However, after slowing myself down, taking a moment to compose myself I rescued the shoot, albeit after the sun had set. Either way I was grateful for today. I’ve attached a vlog I made of todays shoot as well as some of my favourite images from Eskdale and Wastwater.

All of the Landscape Photography prints from Eskdale and Wastewater showcased in this blog are available as gallery quality framed prints. Please contact me for details. You can also see my current range of framed prints from Eskdale here and my current collection of framed prints from Wastwater here. 

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Wastwater Screes Framed Print
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Wastwater Favourite

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