Favourite Lake District Landscape Photographs 2018

Since I put my latest self published book Capture Lakeland Volume 2 together in January 2019 I have wanted to share a post here on my blog of my favourite images from the last year. I published a similar post back in early 2018 showcasing my favourite Landscape Photographs of 2017 and also my favourite Lake District Landscape Photographs of 2015. I feel it’s important to look back on your creative efforts. For me, I find putting some distance and time between myself and the work I create allows me to be a better judge of what I produce. Perhaps there is an emotional connection initially with the creation of an image and the efforts we went to capture it. Perhaps in time we forget that effort and can be more constructive of the image itself, as opposed to the process of capturing it.

Whichever process or workflow we chose or however we develop our photographic skills, the key to me is self reflection and development. Always looking to improve but not so that it’s a race or a competition. Ask any Landscape Photographer and they will tell you they never got into this to be better than anyone else. I believe it’s a deeply personal pursuit and for me in-particular it’s for me first. What I mean by that may sound selfish and it is. I create images for me, I always have and always will. It’s what I connect with, feel drawn to study and then capture. I walk past millions of snapshots my eyes see every year, the reality is while I may take hundreds of images per year, I don’t take thousands that I don’t connect with and that’s a good thing as I hope to take less images but of better quality.

The process we go through in our minds before the camera is even setup is perhaps the most important step in the process of creating a photograph. Asking ourselves, is it worth it. As I experienced with Medium Format Film Photography in 2018, ¬£2 per exposure really helps to focus the mind and what’s worth capturing and ultimately paying for. Digital has no perceived cost per shot, however the most valuable asset any of us have is our own time and perhaps we need to consider this first before we shot away with no real thought.

Here are a collection of the 120 or so images that made it into Capture Lakeland Volume 2 from 2018






























All of the Lake District Landscapes showcased here on my blog are available as Archival Quality Framed Prints. Please contact me for details….



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