Surprise View Shoot

It’s been a while since I visited Surprise View high above Derwentwater in the Borrowdale Valley. I was heading to Keswick in search of inspiration as the sun set and settled on a visit to Surprise View.

Would I be Surprised with the conditions?…

As the sun sets you lose sight of the Sun long before it sets due to the hills. Being a bit higher up may give me more distance to view the sun and capture any explosions of colour as the sun eventually sets.

As the sun set there were no big Surprises in terms of colours in the sky. Skiddaw illuminate like I’d hoped, these subtle tones I find quite pleasing.

I’ll come here again for Sunset and maybe a morning shoot as all of the foreground below could glow with good morning light.

The print above has been added to my collection. Surprise View Sunset Print

Published on: 02-09-2015

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