James Bell, Lake District UK Landscape Photographer

I have been creating Landscape Photographs of the English Lake District for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to live in the Lake District as a child and for most of that time I took the beauty of this place for granted. I knew nothing else. It was only as a young adult and moving away from the Lake District to pursue a career in Product Design that I truly realised what I had been fortunate to have at home.

I spent every weekend coming back to the Lakes, exploring more of this beautiful place. Inspired by artworks we had on our walls at home as a child, I started seeking out these places I admired but took for granted.

The more I explored and learnt, the more I became interested in the landscape and how, once separated from it, the power of photography brought me right back to that moment. I found a way to extend my pleasure of being there by admiring the photographs I captured during my weekend and holiday adventures.

Initially, I was often frustrated with my images, I felt they somehow didn’t capture more of the emotion of the place, the feeling I had when I was there. There was something lacking, so I began on a self taught journey of discovery into Landscape Photography. A constant process of review and reflection on what works and what maybe not so much. Analysing and over analysing countless compositions and conditions. It is, like many art forms, an endless process of trying and testing, with no clear end point other than self satisfaction, when it all comes together.

For me, I am still to this day, over 20 years on, just as critical and considered. Probably more so, as by now I should know better. I am continually reviewing and analysing, trying to understand what makes one image more appealing than another.

My approach now is to make the best of what I am presented with, the only thing I can control is myself. Some days it works out, others not so much but with each shoot comes an opportunity to learn and to develop. If it was easy, I would have got bored years ago.

What I present to you here, is my life’s work so far, in the never ending and thoroughly enjoyable pursuit of Capturing Lakeland. A personal project of exploration and creative endeavour spanning two decades of developing my photographers eye.

I started this process to remind myself of what I truly missed. To compliment my creative desires, to feel like I had produced an image that I could connect with. As time went on, I found other people also made a connection with what I was producing. After what appears to be a lifetime of taking images for my own selfish desires, what I have captured seems to resonate with other people too, that is a very humbling honour.

Today my form of relaxation and well-being, is appreciated by people all over the world who admire my photography on the walls of their homes as archival quality prints that will last generations.

I am humbled that not only am I privileged to witness such natural beauty here on my doorstep, but also to share the output of my efforts with kind supporters from every part of the world. I am honoured to share with you how I see The English Lake District, a truly unique and beautiful place adored by so many.

Thank you for your interest in my photography.