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Professional Framing

All my prints can be professionally mounted and framed. Attention to details and personal care are used with the best materials to present my images the best possible way. 

I offer four frame designs, Oak, Walnut, Painted Black and Painted White, these materials compliment my collection best and fit in with most décor. If you require a custom frame material/colour, please email with your requirements.

All my framed prints use PMMA acrylic, this is an top grade product and  often used instead of glass in a variety of applications such as Aquariums, Art Galleries and Museums as its reflective quality is indistinguishable from that of glass.

PMMA acrylic is a quality glazing solution and is incredibly durable unlike some plastic glazing such as the much cheaper Styrene which yellows over time.

PMMA has a high UV resistance unlike glass, which means the glazing in my frames helps protect the photograph from harmful UV rays which can lead to fading of the print over time. This ensures my prints will last a lifetime.

Another benefit of PMMA is that it’s shatterproof so should you drop the framed print the glazing will not shatter and break. PMMA is also very light compared to traditional glass. These benefits makes it ideal logistically, offering peace of mind to us both.

PMMA is more expensive than traditional glass, however the benefits it brings to the final product are worth the extra investment, it protects the photograph from UV which can fade the print. It’s unbreakable and lightweight, with no effects on clarity. A non-reflective version is also available however this does come at a premium.

Sizing Information

Please note the print sizes quoted on my website for A3+ (483mm x 329mm) and A2 (594mm x 420mm) are the actual paper sizes. The printed Image is slightly smaller than this size to allow for the picture to be fixed to a mount. If you require exact sizes of the printed area to suit a mount you are preparing elsewhere please see the sizing information document I have prepared for approxiate sizing information for my framed prints. You will find a link to this in the description below each print.

The printed area of Panoramic prints is the size as quoted with signature.

Canvas Prints

Big Canvas Print Lake District

Any of the pictures on my site can be printed on to stretched canvas. The result is a modern chunky product. The image is printed onto professional quality photo canvas and then stretched over stretcher bars. Above is a 180x120cm Canvas print of my Derwentwater Jetty Landscape.

All canvas sizes quoted are approximate and represent the front face of the canvas, the photograph wraps around the edge of this (gallery wrap) and is fixed to the rear of the canvas, please consider details within the photograph that are close to all edges may appear to wrap around the edges. Please email me with any questions regards specific images.

Please do email if you are unsure prior to ordering.

Custom Sizes

All my prints are available at custom made sizes, if you have a particular sized space you want to fill with a beautiful Lake District Landscape Picture please don't hesitate to get in touch.