Cornwall Trip – Wheel Coates

Visiting a new place for Landscape Photography is always an exciting prospect. I think for myself because I am so well connected to the Lake District I don’t really aspire to look elsewhere, neither do I often connect with a place as much as I do the Lakes or Scotland so for the last few years I’ve rarely visited anywhere new. However, I was excited about this trip, which is rare for me. Perhaps my feelings were due to exploring somewhere new or just at the prospect of getting out with my camera again; it feels like ages since I setup and composed an image.

I made an effort tonight to visit Wheel Coates, an old Tin Mine on this wonderful coast. Having not been here before I was keen to see what I could make of this place. It was quite apparent upon arrival that I was too late, or as is usually the case, the last of the light is hidden by cloud. I really must make more of an effort to get into location in plenty of time as this keeps happening.

In total I was here at Wheel Coates for no longer than 10 minutes and here are my favourite photographs of this wonderful setting on the West Cornish Coast.




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