Capture Lakeland Volume 2 – Lake District Landscape Photography Coffee Table Book

It’s been a few weeks since I released my latest Self Published Lake District Landscape Photography Book – Capture Lakeland Volume 2. I was a little sceptical about a new book so close to the success of the original Capture Lakeland which sold out 1,000 copies between Summer 2017 and Christmas 2018 to much acclaim from my kind supporters.

Capture Lakeland Volume 2 is a different kind of book to the first. It contains images captured over a much shorter timescale. Approximately 1 year whereas my first book covered 15 years. Capture Lakeland is a continuation of my photographic journey and picks up where the original book concluded. I decided to make Capture Lakeland Volume 2 a different form factor. Square. Had I of been brave enough I’d of made book one square but the costs where just too expensive for an unknown project. I feel the A4 Landscape format of book one suited the 3:2 ratio of the 35mm photography I was taking at the time and also my fascination of panoramic images. Since I moved to a medium format system back in 2017 my images have a different form 4:3 ratio so they are a little squatter. Also I seem to be more keen on the portrait orientation of images nowadays so the square format of my new book really helps to present these portrait shots much better than with the A4 Landscape sized book.


Capture Lakeland Volume 2 by James Bell


As soon as Capture Lakeland Volume 2 arrived I knew I was delighted with it, the production is second to none again as with my first book and this is really important to me after all it represents me and my work for years to come. I also believe when you’re buying a coffee table art/photography book it needs to be a thing of beauty in itself. Something to treasure and keep forever.


Capture Lakeland Volume 2 by James Bell - Derwentwater


One of the most valuable parts of producing my Landscape Photography is the connection people make with what I produce and producing a book is the same. I guess any Artist values the circle being complete by the output of his/her efforts being appreciated. That’s how I feel about my work but also that those kind enough to support me get great personal service and are happy with the quality of the item they invest in.


Capture Lakeland Volume 2 by James Bell - Misty Woodland


Shortly after I shipped the books in late March 2019 the first reviews started to come in and I was delighted with the response. My first book left big boots to fill with its success and I was a little apprehensive about how well a follow up volume would be accepted, especially given the much shorter timescale in which it was created.



In forthcoming blogs I’ll talk more about specific images showcased in the book, for now here is a general overview of Capture Lakeland Volume 2 which is now shipping worldwide.


Here are a few of the initial reviews Capture Lakeland Volume 2 has received so far. You can read all reviews here.

























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